STEP 1 - choose some sensors (detecting what players do)

Build your own puzzle

Morse Code sensor


Smart sensors & extensions

RFID sensor


STEP 2 - choose some output sets (effect of the solved puzzle)

STEP 3 - choose puzzle controller (with enough ports for sensors and output sets)

Professional technical solutions for Escape Room props

We believe  that technical knowledge should not stop anybody from making great and magical puzzles. Our staff of experienced engineers and designers are here to deliver the best technical solutions for your Escape Rooms.

That's it, you have a working puzzle!

Works great.

We have the cards inside little statues and then guests put the statue on the RFID sensor and it opens the display case. It’s great.


Super easy to setup.

The manual trigger is handy when resetting the room


Customer service is really responsive and helpful.

We have just started testing this and we like it a lot so we will definitely be implementing this for our 5 rooms in Gibraltar.


Well designed and working stuff.

I use it for final puzzle inside of room. Players need to touch metal torches at sides of room. I am using it for 4 years.


This device is great.

Connects to a power supply, then to the actuator as well as your house unit for RFID’s or whatever you’d using to activate it. and BAM, your actuator moves, which is great. It’s a great price and very helpful staff for getting the right stuff.



Works with long passwords. I forgot to buy puzzle controller but got one with other order and it works flawless.


Pirates Mobile Escape

Ahoy, pirates! If you want to take your Escape Room experience on the go or you just need a ready-to-play puzzle bundle, we got a wonderful offer for you. No matter where you are, with our Pirates Mobile Escape you can prepare a challenging and entertaining quest for booty in a couple of minutes!
All hands on deck! Pirates Mobile Escape is carefully tailored to be fun and engaging for groups of 2-10 players. As much as 5 chests full of puzzles provide a great adventure for people of any age.
Shiver me timbers! You can take Pirates Mobile Escape for an outdoor event, to a hotel or even a conference room in a company’s conference room to improve teamwork skills. Pirates adventure awaits!
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Ecosystem of Escape Room props

Our engineers have spent over 5500 hours developing and finetuning probably the best electronic solution for an escape room business.
You can use our electronics like LEGO (TM) blocks. They are easy to set up and require no technical knowledge. Moreover, our technical support is available to help you in case of any issues.
You can build a puzzle using a mix of sensors, one main puzzle controller, and some effect. Each of these represents one puzzle.
– you can use it when you have an idea of your puzzle,
– when you would like to add some magic to your room,
– one-button setup.
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Escape Room Software

Timer, hints, and remote control over Escape Room props

In modern Escape Rooms, you can control every prop and have information about the current status of every puzzle. We have spent over 1000 hours working with designers in order to present you with the product that gives you the power to control and see what is going on in the room without looking into cameras.
You can connect our puzzle controllers to the network. They will be automatically discovered in software. Now you see how many times players tried to solve your puzzle. You will be able to OVERRIDE every puzzle.
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Packages with electronics and scenarios

We offer you TESTED, REAL room scenarios. They were made by escape room owners to maximize Return Of Investment. They offer great entertainment to groups. Fast reset time, building instruction consists of all needed information. We have sold over 250 specifications during the last two years – check our customers’ page.

If you want to go to the next level and order room with electronics PACKAGE is the offer for you. It consists of instruction (pdf files) and electronics (real items shipped) which are used in the room and you will need to build decorations around them.

– full instruction on how to build the room
– well tested, REAL scenarios
– you can always connect with our support and discuss details with our design engineer

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Scenarios are pdf files which you will receive on your email

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When you order a package you will receive pdf files on your email AND electronics sent by post.


From time to time we create interesting puzzles using our electronics. We want you to get inspired and to show you how easy it is to play with our puzzle controllers. Register to our newsletter, so you won’t miss any of our newest puzzles and products.
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