How to help players notice that the door opened?


I have attached an electromagnet to the door. It works properly but the players don’t notice when the door is opening. How can I draw their attention to it?

Our solution:

An electromagnet (maglock) releases and opens a door but it doesn’t push it open which can be unnoticed by players focused on the game. To solve this, we recommend installing a door pusher or some spring nuts. If the door pops open the moment the electromagnet releases, players won’t miss it.

You can also add some LED lights that will activate once the puzzle is solved and electromagnet releases.

Using our electronics, it’s as easy as connecting Electromagnet output set and LED Lights output set. All the output sets are activated at the same moment (once the puzzle is solved) so it surely won’t happen unnoticed.

We also thought about it with our Drawer output set. Once the drawer is activated (the puzzle is solved), pair of small door pushers push the drawer out and the LED Lights inside draws the attention of players.

Drawer output set after the puzzle is solved

Another way to do this would be Electro-lock output set. We use it in our Open-a-Box output set which pops open a box, and the lid is supported by a small gas spring.

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