Electronic puzzles with a Nerf gun



Hello. I want to make a puzzle with NERF pistol. Players have to shoot a target or something like that. Can I use RFID to make a bullseye? Maybe other sensors?

Our solution:

The RFID tag is a little big bigger than your average Nerf dart and you’d need multiple RFID tags for them. We recommend one of these two sensors:

  1. Laser Tripwire sensor – it uses a proximity sensor that detects when something crosses its “field of view”. Also, we’ll need a 3rd mode (Impulse) on the Universal puzzle controller which reacts faster than other modes.
  2. Knock Knock sensor – normally, it is designed to remember a knocking pattern but its secondary mode turns it into a sensor that triggers after one knock (in this case – hitting it with a Nerf dart).

Electronics used:

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