During our time as Escape Room owners, we discovered that every puzzle consists of 3 elements:

  1. Sensors – detecting what players have to do,
  2. Puzzle controller – the brain of the puzzle,
  3. Output set – what happens when the puzzle is solved.

With many different producers of those parts, sometimes it’s tricky to get everything working properly. That’s why we decided to make the puzzle creation process as easy and smooth as possible, making 3-step Build Your Own Puzzle creator.

choose a sensor
choose a controller
choose an output set
pick the right sensors


What players have to do to solve your puzzle

First, we need something players can interact with, letting the puzzle controller know that they performed an action.

There are a big variety of sensors available: RFID sensors for reading RFID tags or stickers, Magnetic sensor for detecting metal objects, Hands and Body sensors requiring a human touch (or water)… On top of that, you have different kinds of buttons, sound and light sensors, and many more!

Remember that the more sensors you pick, the more complex (and fun) your puzzle will be.


Teach the “brain” how to solve the puzzle

We call puzzle controllers “brains” as they can be taught the winning state.

Universal puzzle controllers recognize if the puzzle is solved and should the output set be activated. There are two important questions you have to answer before you pick the right Universal:

  1. How many sensors your puzzle needs?
  2. Do you need sound and/or network support?

Note that only Universals with network support can automatically connect to our Escape Room software and be controlled remotely.

Choose a puzzle controller
Pick the right output set


What should happen after solving the puzzle

The last thing you need is an effect activated after your puzzle is solved.

You can pick an electromagnet and make the puzzle controller open a secret door or a chest’s lid after the right sensors were triggered. Or use LED lights to be turned on and guide players to another puzzle in a “flashy” way. You can also have a display that will show the combination to a lock or a keypad.

You can even have multiple output sets for one puzzle, but they all will be activated at the same moment.


No technical knowledge required

Every piece of our electronics is extremely easy to assemble and works right out of the box.

When you get everything you ordered, just unbox it and plug the sensor’s input jacks and output set’s green terminal into the Universal puzzle controller. Then, use power supply cables with the Universal and the output set.

The final part is programming the Universal. Press and hold the Teaching button to choose one of five different modes and activate the winning state. Now your puzzle is ready.


secret agent's room puzzle

Don’t know where to start?

Basic RFID kit is all you need to create a puzzle with an RFID sensor and electromagnet output set!
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Control the puzzles from your PC

The Escape Room software is essential to manage games, display the timer and hints, and remotely control the puzzles. Having easy-to-assemble electronics, we wanted to create software like that, and for the last two years, it keeps evolving with our customers’ feedback.

With the Escape Room Command Center (ERCC), you don’t have to worry about programming external devices. The software will automatically detect every Universal puzzle controller connected to the same network (Universal puzzle controllers have to be connected to your wired network).

The ecosystem lets you easily pair everything and solve/reset the puzzles from your PC/Mac.

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