How can I align and install Escape Room maglocks (electromagnets) properly?


Does anyone have any tips for aligning and installing maglocks properly?
I habitually screw up when installing maglocks in places I can’t see (like the inside of a cabinet). I measure, measure again, test fit, measure again, secure,  test, and FAIL. This often results in multiple screw holes that I end up having to cover up. Need advice on getting it right the FIRST time.

Adam, Start-Ups and Owners Facebook group

Our solution:

Electromagnets are the most common output sets – after a puzzle is solved, they open a door or a drawer, or just release something they held firmly. And yet, the installation can be tricky.
One of the best practices is to use strong double-sided tape:
  1. When the Electromagnet is active and holding the metal plate, put the tape on the other side of the plate.
  2. Then, move the Electromagnet with the plate to the desired spot and press against it with the taped side.
  3. Deactivate the Electromagnet so the plate stays in place. Screw it to the surface and you’re done 🙂
Another way to do this is to mount the Electromagnet in the desired spot, activate it, and leave some paint, marker or carbon paper on the other side of the plate. It will leave the marking for the perfect placement of the plate.
One of the most common mistakes is screwing the metal part too firmly to the surface. You want to leave it a bit loose so it can self-align for the perfect “grip”.
You can get Electromagnet output sets in two variants (for drawers or doors) under this link.

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