How to split background music from ERCC into two different rooms



How to split audio from one PC into different rooms?

Our solution: If you want to have different background music or audio hints played in two different rooms at the same time, there is an easy solution. We’ll use free audio software Audacity (link).



Open Audacity. Record your voice on a microphone by pressing the record button* or just drag and drop a music file.

* To record more than one voice track, record one and then click on the record button while holding the Shift key.



With one track, move the channel slider all the way to the left, and with the other – all the way to the right.



Export the file to the MP3 format and upload it in the Escape Room Command Center software as background music or a voice hint.



Get some dual speakers, plug them into a device displaying the ERCC timer and hints, and put one speaker into one room, and the second speaker in the other.



If you want to distort your voice, you can use Audacity, too! More under this link:

How to easily record a horror-themed Escape Room intro 😈

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