Our sensors and outputs that reset themselves

“Which of your sensors and/or outputs reset themselves? Or is it possible to set Universal Puzzle Controller to do so? I’m trying to design some “unmanned puzzles” – that might be found by visitors to another location, and that once they complete it, the puzzle will reset itself for the next person who comes across it. Thanks!”

Jeff W.

Our answer:
Every sensor and output set that doesn’t change physically can be reset automatically.

For example, a Light Switch sensor has to be physically clicked and it will stay in that position so it won’t return to the previous state by itself. Similarly, the Open-a-Box output set has its lid open when the puzzle is done, and somebody has to manually close the lid in order to reset such a puzzle.

Luckily, we have a great number of sensors and outputs that can be reset automatically. Also, you can easily set how long the puzzle should remain in the solved state, and then how much time has to pass before the puzzle resets itself (with all the sensors and output sets connected to it) using the USB stick included with each Universal puzzle controller.

Here’s the complete list of sensors, output sets, and standalone puzzles that can be automatically reset:




  • 🀝 Human Chain puzzle (but with the sensor that starts it other than Light Switch sensor)
  • πŸ“¦ Mystery Cube (it resets itself but the code inside it opens a lock on the chest so the lock would have to be put back on the chest. You can hide whatever you want instead of the combination for the lock, though! For example, a code for the Keypad sensor)

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