Remote car puzzle


Another tricky puzzle set up by the spy. In the room, you notice a joystick and… a small remote controlled car? What could that be?

Laser Tripwire sensor

Laser Tripwire sensor activates when someone crosses its line of sight. Catch your players by surprise and activate something unusual when they pass a certain point!

Laser Tripwire sensor does not use a real laser.


Universal puzzle controller (2 ports) + sound + network

Universal puzzle controller is the brain of the puzzle. It controls all the sensors and output sets for one electronic puzzle.

With 5 different modes, sound support and remote control via the network connection, you can design virtually any puzzle you want.


Electromagnet output set

Electromagnet output set holds the door, drawer or lid of a chest until players solve the corresponding puzzle. You can also make a scary trap in a horror-themed Escape Room which releases something from the ceiling after players activate a sensor.

Choose the strength depending on the size and weight of the held object – 70 kg (155 lb) is for lids and drawers and 180 kg (397 lb) can hold doors and secret passages.

Earn up to 30 Points.