Wind Gods puzzle idea


Solve the Wind Gods puzzle and start the lightning storm! Easily modifiable Wind Gods puzzle idea is perfect if you need impressive special effects including light and sound.
The puzzle idea bundle contains only the electronics.

Storm Lights output set

Illuminate a puzzle or your whole Escape Room with randomly blinking Storm Lights. This output set is perfect for creating a lightning cloud or lightning effect outside a window.


Universal puzzle controller (6 ports) + sound + network

Universal puzzle controller is the brain of the puzzle. It controls all the sensors and output sets for one electronic puzzle.

With 5 different modes, sound support and remote control via the network connection, you can design virtually any puzzle you want.


RFID sensor × 4

Using the RFID sensor you can create puzzles that require putting objects in right places to open the electromagnet. The controller can be hidden easily in specific places or elements of decoration.

RFID sensors cannot work through a metal surface.

$64.00 each
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