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electronic props

With a big variety of electronics, you are able to create any puzzle you can imagine. Choose sensors, main module, and output set and let your imagination run wild! With our products, nothing is impossible.

room specifications

No idea where to start building an escape room? In our specifications, you’ll find everything from the shopping list through the construction instructions to the algorithm and backstory.


Our software is designed for controlling multiple rooms at one time. It shows the timer, display text, image and video hints, and you can have remote control over the puzzles built with Universal.

mobile escape room

Mobile Escape is a fully portable ready-to-play game for 4-10 players with a non-linear algorithm for about 30-60 minutes. The perfect option for events, team-building parties and can even work as a regular Escape Room.


Smart sensors & extensions

RFID sensor


Build your own puzzle

Hands and Body sensor


Smart sensors & extensions

Magnetic sensor


Smart sensors & extensions

Make-Your-Own sensor


Smart sensors & extensions

Metal sensor


Smart sensors & extensions

Light sensor


Build your own puzzle

Phone Central sensor


Build your own puzzle

Mystery Hole sensor



Treasure Chest


Build your own puzzle

Card Reader sensor


Build your own puzzle

Slider sensor